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Thursday night selfie




Gravity shift! [video]


City Council is re-calibrating the gravity of the city today. Citizens are warned to anticipate sudden gravity shifts and stay near objects which can be grabbed onto in the event of a shift. And now, the weather.

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coolest photo ever

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Jack McBrayer, I want to do dirty things to you. And it can happen in a Barnes & Noble. I don’t really care.

I haven’t been around much as of late. My husband has been in the hospital since last Sunday. He’s been having complications but its seems like he will be released tomorrow. I’ve been exhausted and stressed for a while. Sleep is almost non existent. And when I do sleep its only to have vicious nightmares. Here’s hoping all that changes tomorrow. Happy Easter to those celebrating it.


  • Magic (and other skills—especially physical skills) must be practiced. Yes, your wizard could be the “chosen one,” but remember that even Harry Potter had to practice his patronus charm. In The Matrix, Neo had to learn how to get used to working within the system.
  • Knowledge…

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The Dark Knight - Created by Barend Chamberlain

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Due to a complete lack of chocolate yesterday, my mum bought me (among other things) this little guy, who - as you can see - came packaged with a handsome set of bunny ears, because why the fuck not?

So I am going to spend tonight gorging on chocolate, drinking wine, and watching last night’s episode of Game of Thrones.

Alex is visiting again next week. I’m going to make him wear the bunny ears the next time I put my dick in him.